Intro: A Plea for peace

The pen is mightier than the sword

According to ancient fable.

Sword can transform into words

If for anagrams you are able


Battles fought are never won

A lifeless corpse is somebody’s son

Noble victory claimed by strong

Parents grieve to funeral songs


Hatred grows from needless death

Remains until the dying breath

Barricades in troubled minds

No compromise makes bitter blind


 Stories told down generations

Truth displaced by justification

Rumour stokes the fires of hate

Fears extinguish fresh debate


Hands of friendship offer peace

Smiles engender brief release

Gestures always too short lived

Neither side prepared to give


Next brood’s fate in their own hands

Ignore the twisted, take command

Leave the bitterness behind

Start afresh with an open mind


Reach across the barricade

Let love replace the foul tirade

Those you fear across the divide

Afraid of you on the other side


Mirror image of your faceless foe

Why hate those you don’t even know

Spill no more blood, those days are past

Build the peace, make sure it lasts


 Words of wisdom can win the day

Other weapons just cause dismay

If tolerance makes it’s presence felt

Sword becomes just words miss-spelt

© popeye 2023
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