Why Does It Hurt?

Why Does It Hurt?


Hun, tell me a story, tell me a good story

Tell me youre with me, through grieving and glory

Please, dear lover, don’t cast me to the side

I’m really quite useful, tell me what to do, and I’ll abide

Come my children, gather ‘round for my preachings

I gaze at the stars, some beyond my own reaching

I promised I’d come back. Im no longer sleeping 

The night is still young, I am up and moving in this room

Questions circling my head, like a race car going “zoom!”

Its ten in the evening, you hear the wolves howling sadly

For they aren’t much different fro me, and yes that hurts badly

Don’t forget me, dont think Im a lost cause to you

Because I made sure your we loved and approved

The moon is rising, its beams shattering nightfall

I’m in the fields of grass, kneeling as i let out a call

A mourning, deep and emotional sound I cry out

“Why does it hurt so much?” I wanted to shout

Blood runs through my veins, red as it runs from my hands

 Never thought it would hurt this much, you don’t understand

There’s something I must tell you. don’t be shy

In love and war, I must stay true to the skies.

You fight not to be my friend, constantly deny

You never knew me from the start, to you I’m just another guy


© SpikeFox87 2023
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