The task for this wordsmith I truly believe

Speak in plain English my heart on my sleeve

Like Lowry’s great paintings, simple not grand

Framed in common words we can all understand


As I pontificate here, I’m just sounding off

So people will know that I’m not a toff

 Procrastinate means don’t dawdle my friend

Don’t let indecision drive you round the bend


Gesticulate at me, shake your fist if you like

For be banished you knave, I say go take a hike

No eloquence you say, but its’ easy to follow

Unnecessary words are too hard to swallow


Installing grand words in a well written poem

Is a wonderful art if they’re in the right home

Embellishment just to complete a new verse

Inevitably makes all the readers disperse


Cogitation my friend, or should I say thinking

Leads to simple words, beautifully linking

Wonderful lines cause me great dismay

If I need a dictionary to know what they say


And so as I finish, please don’t take offence

If you think I am talking complete nonsense

The critique may say this is the work of a crank

Please forgive me for being as thick as a plank

© popeye 2023
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A refreshing poem and I liked the rhythm too.



Enjoyable read.

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