In Your Prescence

A poem about an older woman who has become a widow, she feels the spirit of her late husband all around. Returning to the beach where they first met, she stands at the ocean’s edge and these are her thoughts!


Curious distance moves ever closer,
that inner sense of spirit hears my
aching heart on tumbling waves,
this place we once knew, we’ll walk
again my love into depths of fantasy,
where languid sleep brings us closer,

I’ll dream your hand takes mine
in trance as shallows drift…our
twilight footprints suggest a
memory of adolescence that
we two shall meet again,

I’ve been empty far too long
steady rhythm following me,
sound of crashing tides await
extracting your sweet breath,
seeing you in another dimension
two figures bought together by love.


Featheredwing 24th February 2020.

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I really enjoyed this, sad but lovely.

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