Because It’s Their

Wrote after watching the film Everest 

Leave behind neon lights and smooth skinned girls

The cheap beers and cut throat alleys

And your new friends who exist in high places


Breathe, walk, drink, eat, sleep and repeat

The breath will then control you

And the bells will ring constantly


Go to the fractious and the fractals

The flags welcome the hands with the deepest paper cuts

And the writing is on the broken stones


Wait for your time in sterile cocoons

The blessings you get are from the gods

And look at the scattered jigsaws that no one finishes


This is it!

Is this it?

It is this


Acknowledge the lined skinned east people

The mothers with the yellow milk

And they will hold you tight as you suckle

This is it!


Breathe, walk, drink, eat, sleep, and repeat

The beginning and the end

And no bells can be heard

Is this it?


Pass the missing jigsaw pieces

The undisturbed ectopic dreamers

And their hands that cannot clap

It is this


Arrive at the fairground, listen to the barkers

The winners passing with their goldfish

And the closed fortune teller booths


Wait in line to put pennies in the peep show slot

The cake walk goes to the top of the world

And then you can go no further


Wait to take the picture 

The hall of mirrors distorts everything

And with your next step you are once more nothing



© Vim 2023
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