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The space is shared by one man and one bee

Knitting connecting patterns without acknowledgement

Flying over foot worn red hexagons

Both know this as the place of possibilities

Where hearts and minds grow ripe

Then left behind bittersweet shadows

Empty cells never to be refilled


Each day the bee makes notes

Of their conversation’s

The bee has a memory for facts

He has a mind for opinions

And this is a space for learning

With walls built on osmosis


They dance complex patterns together

Swap stories of their past

The bee talks of life without a mother

He says that he never really knew his father

They sleep when they are tired

Holding each other by their unshod feet

He grows sunflowers and lavender

The bee gives him honey

They give each other constancy and company

They both look forward to my visits


I visited them today

He was sat in his chair with his hand on his arm

He said

All the flowers are dead

The bee needed to leave

I opened the door

But it could not go through

When I closed it

The bee got scared and now I have been stung

And now it wants to leave

Because it has hurt me

I told the bee if it flew away now that it would die

So I am holding it on to my arm

I want to let it go

We now have a shared pain

The love was not enough

© Vim 2023
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