Full Circle


Maybe things had turned full circle now,
For he realised he felt happy and unburdened,
Ready for the next phase
Of life’s unexpected challenges.
Fully aware now of his full range of fears & emotions, 
And of course his strengths and weaknesses.
Maybe things really had turned full circle.
Perhaps this is what they meant when they spoke of
“The Circle of Life”.

Inside his head he could still hear some of their words: 
“Go back and focus on the good”
“Don’t dwell on your past failures”
And above all “Forgive yourself”
“Your time will come” they said.
“And when it does we will be here for you… waiting”.

He smiled when he realised how far he had come
From those long dark days.
Where everything was unbearable pain
And his problems appeared vast and overwhelming,
Leading him to that awful day.
Yes, thanks to each and every one of them,
He now had a second chance. 

A new beginning.
Where he could see a future and was no longer scared.
Things really had turned full circle.

© marvo 2023
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