On a Sunday afternoon, Robert was invited to an Indian family. Although he doesn’t take a liking to spicy food, he thought he’d give it a try; besides he thought that once in a while change of taste was okay.

Strange as it seemed, he had taken a liking on a particular course, the mix vegetable. As goes the belief in Sukumar’s household, that if you mixed all vegetable the juice it secretes while cooking adds to the taste, also it is very healthy.

While eating, he met a man his age with whom the conversation went like this:

– Good afternoon. This is Robert.
– Good afternoon. This is Roger.
– Ha ha ha! I see you are also enjoying the same course?
– Yes indeed.
– Strange as it might sound, but I must have seen you somewhere. You must be on my whatsapp group?
– Not really.
– Then we must be on FB? Or on IG maybe?
– Not really. But I find this strange too!

As they exchanged cards, they discovered they were next door neighbors.

Some part of the flash is borrowed from one of the WhatsApp forwards.

© supratik 2023
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This is modern life Supe! We spend more time looking at smartphones than taking notice of what is going on immediately around us, and it will get worse I think.
Small typo— Second sentence would read better if “but” was removed.

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