Dumbing Down Democracy

My version of Decline and Fall…

On the floor of the house,
a scots mouse is trodden
neath the heel of a bulldog.
despite this tyranny, encased
in monogrammed leather,
the northern varmint
raises two fingers.
resistance lingers
in the gesture, and a posture
taught at Eton is beaten
to the laughable shape
of an empty vessel.

this jowl-faced canine;
in bullish, brass-bound baying,
barks out the ancient maxim,
that relative size matters.
it flatters itself; a wolfish bite –
‘that might is right’,
and proper, too. forgetting
that in this human zoo;
very few two-legged animals
can stoop to conquer a beastie…

the massive cur
claims a classical education –
mythology and fable;
yet unable to recall Aesop’s
‘lion and the mouse’.
the floor of the house creaks
neath such weight of ignorance;
and splinters to the fall
of a heavily concealed midget.

© franciman 2023
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