Family reunion

The Family gathers…
around the table they chatter and talk, 
emotions mingling amid the clink of glasses, 
feasting upon the crumbs of conversation, 
watching each other like fearful strangers, 


to one side the small child who is simple delight, 
a smiling innocent of delusions offspring
plays happily ignorant of the judgement of others
as their, mother smiles with a vacant expression, 


around the edeges hovers hope, 
like a gentle mist that covers the vision, 
that changes our perceptions and miscolours our view, 
he looks longingly towards delusions oblivious gaze, 
with rose tinted wishes for her to one day be his again, 


regret argues and holds its cousin aspiration down, 
verbaly suffocating them as they try to rise, 
a petty squable of a long running family fued, 
whos origins are long since forgotten, 
the scars unspoken of yet still painfully visible, 


And in the corner madness stands talking softly, 
secretly planting a new dark harvest, 
that will one day hatch an evil brood, 
that burrows into poor paranoias fevered mind, 


joy the fickle creature of the moment, 
savours the exquisite taste of desires kiss, 
her ex passion looks on with fire in his eyes, 
fed by the hurtful words of angers imagination, 


moving gracefully amoungst them dances love, 
the flickering pulse that beats within our lonely hearts, 
standing defiant yet always at distance from others, 
almost just beyond their reach, 


the cousins suffering and torment stand watching, 
as pain the small world that emcompasses all others, 
works its way into every conversation, 
leaving its subtle taint upon them all, 
like a bitter taste it lingers poisoning their souls, 


finally in the corner dispair sits quietly, 
he who sees the world as it is not as we wish it to be, 
and crys a tear for each soul he meets, 
as he whispers unwanted truths into their ear, 


here stands our family of emotions, 
echoes of the real world made flesh, 
their reflections writhing within our soul…

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Good one. There are some typos in the poem. Also I think the space between stanzas needs to be reduced,

Sorry to hear that. I can certainly help as much as I can. I must also quickly add that I am not a native speaker, so I can only help you so much You could send your beautiful poems to me, ( I will check the typos if any and send it back to you on a regular basis. I am sure you are aware of something called spellcheck, but I agree it can help to a certain extent.

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