Mistletoe & Holly (a parody)

Under the mistletoe.

My (oh, my) it is pure folly
trying to kiss pretty Molly
under the mistletoe,
with her mother in tow.
Why (oh, why) is she jolly
in the company of Ollie?
I will go toe-to-toe
with my old foe.
With others she’ll mingle
yet she knows I’m single.
I’d like to propose
to this English rose.
We’d strengthen ties
with hot mince pies
and Christmas cake
for old times’ sake.
If she does say “Yes”
it will be a success.
I’d be happy although
I haven’t much dough.
But by gosh and golly
the absence of lolly
is not a good reason
to pillory this season.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Much enjoyed the jolly good parody Luigi! The lines breeze through with a fast pace rhythm. Reminded me of Chaplin’s Sunnyside. Predicament of the poor lover, wrapped in humour. Hope he crosses this hurdle and finds his love under the Mistletoe! A delightful read.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.

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