Differently able organisation

Only when managers consider layoffs as a shame rather than as a natural process will worthless poets like me take them seriously. Until then, I will overlook their brilliant careers, golden degrees that are designed to cause havoc, by fostering backstabbing, unfair competition, nepotism, groups within teams of the organisations. They have made themselves so indispensable, with their power point presentations, their ornamental jargons that it’s impossible to imagine an organisation without managers, while the fact is, that they are absolutely redundant.
When managers throw their horrendous hats and start working, like ordinary mortals, it’d be most cost effective for any organisation. A magic, a miracle can be experienced in the business world, a poem could be written.
Most organisations are sinking like the boiled frogs because of these white elephants.
Till now it’s a hollow world, replete with shallow words, that is making everyone’s lives, including those of managers, miserable.
If ever one founded an organisation without managers and functioned as a differently able organisation, it would truly be special.

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