Troubled times.

I’ve read that Boris came to power
during times that were troubled.
To overcome the national crisis
all the resources had to be doubled.

Everybody knew that the situation
until then had been unbearable,
that the country faced degradation.
His predecessor had been terrible.

Although those who opposed him
said that he was a rotten bleeder
untrustworthy and unreliable,
the nation welcomed a new leader.

To the poor gave wheat and money,
for which they were very grateful.
In return they gave him loyalty
and his policy seemed peaceful.

Foreign specialists such as doctors
metalworkers and tradesmen
were greeted as never before
needed and used time and again.

The man I mentioned is of course
Boris Godunov the noble boyar
who, in fifteen-ninety-eight,
became the new Russian Tsar.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Another fine bit of informational work here, Luigi. I knew you weren’t talking about Johnson early on! lol


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