Who shall save the world?


We are completely powerless
against the world corruption
which by greed has ruined all the world,
with Trump as leader of the universal egoism,
denying there is anything to worry about,
while oceans are dying,
wildlife disappearing,
people starving without water,
cruel dictatorships supported by democracies
for just some short-term gains,
while we, who watch and are aware
of the world crisis steadily increasing
can do nothing
but observe and pray and hope
for all too necessary miracles.
Can even love do anything about it?
That’s perhaps the miracle
we all are waiting for,
the most improbable
but maybe only possible.


© aurelio 2023
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This piece resonated with me for it’s truth and the overwhelming futility we are feeling now thanks to the horrible bastards raping the world for profit. I’ve been wanting to do something along these lines too. You did it very well.



A very thoughtful poem on the present, not so good times. The silence is so deafening as we watch mutely at the wrong doings of those in power, in most “democracies” indulging in destructing the very
foundation of the nation. Relate to the helplessness on our part, you have depicted so well. True, only a miracle can save us and Love has the potential to bring one on. Thanks for sharing this powerful poem with a voice, Aurelio.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.


We were at a meeting of friends yesterday and this very observation was the main topic of conversation for quite some while.

What is even more concerning, Aurelio, is that it appears people will still vote for someone they wouldn’t accept a second-hand newspaper from, because the person is untrustworthy. It is a very strange time that we live in.

Love can conquer all, you mean?

@ Jolen: Blimey! Have you been inside my head? 🙂
I couldn’t have put your first sentence any better – and so apt in respect of this observational piece.


Maybe common sense rather than love might work.
Trump didn’t vote himself in. People did
Brexit didn’t just happen. People voted for it
Same with Turkey
Same with Brazil

The thing stopping the loss of Democracy and corruption is the people using their power, but they seem to have forgotten how.

WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE: I think your poem pretty much spells that out. 🙁

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