twin birds

Micro and macro,
they are of the same feather,
twin birds
that crow in the same manner,
not mere words!
you heal the micro creature
lo it cures the one bigger,
you mess up with the petite voleur
have both of them under the weather

Peter becomes Sunil’s friend.
David, like a poor cousin, feels threatened;
we find groups in sports and families
breaking up into sub-groups
to safeguard their local identities
all become unsafe
with their disparate dis-unities

the mirror image reflects
in schools, colleges, offices, 
in places of worship,
in political parties;
the pattern, replayed in towns, cities
in industries, in countries;
it spreads its wings in every community;
it is ageless, not a modern trend

we sense animosity even in friendship,
no thinking-out-of-the-box, no change
nothing new here, a universal challenge!
we have learned this strange relationship
for years, thanks to our esteemed education,
this is our culture, our civilization

we believe in war, we mistrust peace;
little wonder that war is
seen applied beyond boundaries,
the flyers perch on every branch of the trees
everywhere, the same song they sing,
from huts to homes to the global village
our race, trapped for good in the invisible cage
harmony remains an outcast sage

let us first bring a change
in the way we bond and behave
world will willingly unchain
from the meaningless bondage,
herculean burden.
micro and macro are crowing birds
cuckoos in their nest, the crew can nurse.

© supratik 2023
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You’ve made some very good points in this piece, Supratik. I wish we could learn these lessons and act accordingly.


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