Micro poems

War is an invention,
Discover peace.

Monotony is mechanical,
Nature knows none of it.

In the world
There are no refugees,
Or, all are.

We are more of being,
Less of human;
Human ages, like a calendar
Being doesn’t, like nature.

Equality resides 
In natural thoughts, 
Not in lifeless words.

Talking about peace?
Working on its homonym! 
Walk the talk. Please.


© supratik 2023
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Another of your uplifting and truth holding poems which I love, the idea of not a human but a being, at one with the earth is one I believe in. Sue.


I totally agree. At one point in my life I moved for two years to seclusion in the countryside. Alone with no street lights surrounded by trees and open fields, I was welcomed into the heart of all that is.
People asked whether I was not scared at night etc but the truth is, I never felt more at home.

It was an unforgettable experience and though there were very hard times, I discovered a precious connection to nature I shall never lose.
I can see you feel the same.
Alison x


Each stanza holds a lesson for each of us. Good to remind us now and then, so thank you.


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