Hunger Games

Admire the invincible power you get to wield,
Over one, sitting in a chilled chamber or toiling in the field.
More we cater to your cravings, more your airs a la’ prima donna,
From a humble Miss Muffet burgeoning into a Madonna.
With equal elan keep us twisted around your fingers,
Whetting our appetite as your ravenous pang lingers.
Send us scampering downtown to find for you a bite,
Or rustle up in a jiffy, something filling yet light.
On smelling out a sapid, delectable delicacy,
Break all barriers of epicurean decency.
How we have to struggle to rein in your esurient urges,
Which with every passing second, by leaps and bounds surges.
All energies, thoughts, time and money we spent for skills to hone,
Sapped before your whims, stomach cleaving to our backbone.
But then, you do puzzle on occasions with your esoteric demeanour,
How come you vanish on feeding famished and the poor?
As their hearts fill and bless, mouths curving into a smile,
Seeing them saved from Inanition, you wait in wings for a while.
Then all hell breaks loose and you go kaput,
Bulldoze us into your hunger games, running its gamut.
Hunger for learning, for books, for love to share and care,
Never satiate but to put them on hold, one can dare.
Not so with hunger the leveller…has eyes and nose, no ears,
Keeping us on tenter-hooks, won over by seers.

© Gomathi 2023
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Interesting from the title down Gomanthi. You have some really good lines and paint quite a picture for the reader. I like how you managed to master your rhyme throughout without it feeling overly forced.


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