The Archer




The power of intention.

      The Archer - Stormwolf

I take out my arrow
of unfinished dreams and desires
 place it firmly in the bow
of my determination,
aim it at the starlit sky,

Such amazing power
behind the action…
Totally pure intention

And as my prayers
ascend the twinkling heavens,
transverse Mother Moon in silhouette
the planets call out in unison.

She knows her path!”
We will assist our sister

I close my eyes
and in that deep place
where day has cast aside my worries
 can rest assured and protected.

The Universe is on my side
What now can scare me?


© stormwolf 2020
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7 months ago

Purity of mind, wisdom, selfconfidence and experience reflects in your beautifully penned poem Alison! Your poem resonates deeply with me, one who has surrendered to the Universe in total faith and it has always conspired to give only the best. Loved starting the week with this hopeful and resilient Archer! Thankyou Alison.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.

7 months ago

Splendid! The poem is quiet and powerful.

7 months ago

A very imaginative and impressive message declaring one’s determination not to be overawed and scared by worries.

7 months ago

Self belief and determination can inspire the soul to great things, and your words say perfectly. Inspirational and reassuring. Sue.

7 months ago

What a lovely affirmation. This reads true from beginning to end for me and it lifts me in that reading. Thank you for that, my dear.


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