At the Centre of the World

Let there be light (and warmth).

Fed up with the brass-monkey weather
and dark that descends before four p.m.
I need a place that it is more congenial,
that is warm and has lots of daylight
and I considered the land of Montezuma.
Mexico has warmth but an early sunset
and although it is my favourite nation
just one condition would have been met.
After further research, I believe I found
the very spot in Arizona: and it’s Yuma.
The temperature is twenty centigrade
and the sun will go down at 17.33.
I can enjoy the sunshine until twilight
– a fair proposition that will satisfy me –
but what other attractions for a tourist?
In the Historic Downtown, plenty to see;
at the North End, one can shop or dine.
Or in the Territorial Prison one can snap
one’s own mugshot, front and profile
showing together on one photograph.
Felicity is nearby where a pyramid stands
to mark the exact centre of the world
that visitors can enter for a small fee.
A plaque says that it is the ‘official’ spot,
who are we to say it isn’t, and disagree?
An eager beaver very keen on travel
and in search of enlightenment and fun,
I’m packing my bags for an early start.
I’m sure I won’t be disappointed and say
“Let there be light and plenty of sun.”      

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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You’ve sold it me, Luigi! I’m booking a flight and packing my bags! I want that front and profile mugshot. It’ll be better than a selfie but I will go for a selfie with Felicity and the pyramid. Does she stand there every day? Must have a nice tan. Is the 3:10 to Yuma still running?
Enjoyed. Chhers,


Is she anything like Felicity Jones?


Hi Luigi, I was trying to remember the surname of the Felicity I once knew. For a short while, coincidentally, she was the centre of my world. Any connection do you think? 😉
If Nemo fancies Felicity Scott my Felicity would have blown his socks off.
I wonder about the people in my past: what they are doing, where they are, et cetera – always forgetting they too will have weathered as have I… and as have those damn mysterious pyramids.
Have you thought about Blackpool?
PS: loved the poem by the way. 😉


Other people’s travel adventures always fascinate me, Luigi. Nowadays mine are mainly conducted via live webcams and the like! Obviously missed out on Felicity… but I still can’t get that face to disconnect with the name.

Emojis: I just used shorthand… ; + ) for a wink (minus the + sign) and so on.


Wow! As one who gets seasonal affective disorder every friggin year I would love to go and get some sun plus visit places of interest. I love warm balmy nights and historical places.
oh well…..

Alison x


A creative and factual ode to the sunshine of Arizona, Luigi. I’m with you, let’s go! I love Arizona and if you can manage the summer there, you’re all good. Unless of course you don’t like snakes and spiders and scorpions. lol


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