Possibility, a thought away

I don’t want to rise so high
That I get lost in the sky;
Everything, everyone
I look down upon,
Write their future
On a polarized piece of paper
And say, hey there
See here, you’ve all lost, I have won.

I don’t want to lie so low and buried
That I get trampled, stampede;
Everything, everyone
Walks over me,
Writes my designed destiny
And say, hey there
See here, we have all won
You are just another loser.

I want to walk and fly steady in the middle
Involve all in the most engaging huddle;
Encourage naysayers, failures
So they fight and taste success,
Motivate high flyers, achievers
So they humbly help others in the race
Everyone wins, no one loses
We grow hand in hand, in medias res.

© supratik 2022
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I love the way your mind works. Your poems are suffused with philosophic thought and a deep desire to see a better world.
Alison x

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