Health is wealth


Constant engagement with these three simple questions can help us dissolve all our problems we face through life, keep diseases away and be our own spiritual doctor. 

Like many belief systems, this is also one that is worth trying. ‘Rest is waste of time’ may not be very well accepted, but trust me, anything else without this practice, really is; similarly, with this, everything is tasty, sexy, juicy, sweet, honeyed, just like nature, blooming its best flower with unconditional love and care from the ruthlessly bombed ground.

Another note (a disclaimer?!) my dear friends: non-believers are also included in this winsome game; replace all the words like Allah, Jesus with anything that suits you, for example, Infinite Intelligence, Universe, the Sun, the indestructible light; anything you think is larger than or beyond you.

If you do this, all your diseases will leave you, like magic, like miracle. Yes it is true for oldies too; we may be old, but we are certainly not older than the world. And tell me frankly, does your mind ever feel old, despite all the hammering it receives from the outside? That we are old, we are old, like the most superfluous refrain? Keep doing it and you will see the result.

All the best.

In the next post I will share how learners can see miracles happening in their lives by charging water and food before every meal they have, before every drink they take.

This method is a combination of various schools of thought; it is mainly derived from The Brahmakumaris, Osho, Sri Sri and Sadhguru. So I take no credit for the method. However, if there is anything incomprehensible, contradictory, I will take the discredit and will try to respond or correct.

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