Clive James, Farewell.

Mourning the loss of a literary talent

What can one say about this man
who was a writer whose intellect
was so splendid that he was held
by many in the greatest respect.

He was a poet, a song lyricist,
a novelist and a broadcaster.
He had a wry and deadpan humour
in which he was a supreme master.

Those who enjoyed his vast output
can only rue his inevitable demise.
“near to death but thankful for life”
he said, explaining it was no surprise.

He’d been diagnosed with leukaemia
as far back as two-thousand and ten
but kept working for nearly ten years
until finally had to hang up his pen.

For a long time I followed his career
and of his poetry I was a late convert.
I liked “Jet Lag in Tokyo” but I prefer
“Where the Sea Meets the Desert”.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I remember him well. I will remember him mostly for his dry wit. Maybe I didn’t see the magnificence of his soul – my loss. Too many passing this week, they are clearly exponential with passing time. Thank you Luigi for reminding me. I hope all goes well in your journey.

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