Ms. Scrooge

Sally Dexter stars as the first ever female Scrooge on a London stage. 
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What the Dickens, Charles.
No Wonder we are skint!
I told you what to write
but you don’t take the hint.

I said Christmas Carole
which means that I prefer
the Scrooge character
not to be Him but Her.

What the Dickens, Charles.
You are a misogynist;
you could make the change.
So why do you resist?

Do you fear that if you do
you’ll receive a deluge
of insults and hate mail
for abusing Ms. Scrooge?

Just for once, Charles,
listen to your spouse:
we are no longer expected
to just run the house.

Because modern females
are now emancipated
your Victorian attitudes
are thoroughly outdated.

The viragos of today
have got a thicker skin;
they are very resilient
and can take it on the chin.

So why not make Carole
the villain of the piece?
We can sigh with relief
and read the tale in peace.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Some might think it’s nothing new
And we’re familiar with a lady Scrooge
And some may think I’m very rude
To mention she, that once ruled this land
With a whisky glass in her iron hand.

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