for we oldies

This has been hanging around in me ‘ead for a while-tis now expelled.



at last the dying is upon me  

strange how what appeared corporeal

will of sudden vanish into air

becoming as though it never was


I spend my life a walking shadow

cocooned within a web of culture,  

antique literature, and old man faith

safe from criticisms, jealousies,

arguments and philosophies of

family, lovers and enemies


the webs of life will soon lift from me

the sound of my going unremarked

save by the few who thought they knew me

gathered round an ice-cold earthen grave.








© coolhermit 2023
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I had to go searching for this one, its not on the opening page. Lot of traffic today.
This speaks of deep fears and acceptance (I have those also) I think the final verse/stanza sums it all up. I’d like something similar scratched on my urn in chalk.


A philosophical and poignant read! Much to ponder upon.
Best Wishes, Gomathi.

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