Colourful Dreams



Gliding and glissading along tinted realms unknown,
On many a night, myriad dreams, through my eyelids have flown.
Some never leave my memory for long,
Others slide away sooner than dew at dawn.
Struggle to recall once awake at morn,
Chase it, but vaguely it escapes with a yawn.
Right when in the kitchen amidst work,
A quirky feel like floating in a cirque.
The smokescreen of hues slides in, glossy and tactile,
Amber is prominent or is lemony lime agile?
Ah! Favourite fuchsia with its welcoming change,
Azure too brings in wisdom into my brain’s range.
Nights a few when silvery stygian sends shivers down my spine,
A deep dive into the unconscious to understand this self of mine.
Beige beckons me to my roots while bright mint shine on a growth fertile,
Passion brews in crimson to let coral bless intuition with style.
Not just limited to ten lustres in my prismatic soul,
More get explored in visions that ferry me from Pole to Pole.
Psychedelic dreams answer my fears which in turn calms,
Get to wade into depths of hallucination without any qualms.
Emerge with a pearl of mystic glow to enhance a bit, my soul,
Dreamy eyelids refuse to shut tight, leaving me to feel whole.

© Gomathi 2023
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