Milky Ocean

An attempt at a new pattern in rhyme scheme, as suggested by dear poet Luigi.


In wisps they rise swirl and curl up mushrooming, 
Drifting in a procession, to converge in wide blue yonder.
Above mountains by now, like snow they are looming,
Regaling the skies by crowning with their splendour.
On sunny days cottony, woolly, pleasant and cheerful,
Roll out marvellous motifs to adorn a cerulean sky.
On rainy days, dark and gloomy leave the sky tearful,
Heavily sodden drip down dry as winds blow by.
Putting on airs and colours lent by wind, sun and moon,
Golden, pink, purple, orange, letting light through.
Be quick to catch a glimpse for they change anytime soon,
As dawn to dusk to night they wrap up in many a shady hue.
Hiding so many moods, feelings and emotions,
Carrying messages of hope, of love and desire.
Sailing to far off unknown lands up in the milky ocean,
Giving birth to a poet, who stops to look up and admire.

© Gomathi 2023
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