Keep writing


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Keep writing.
If praise gives you a high
Watch out when you fall;
For both are obstacles, big or small
In the jungle of opinions,
You become a sensitive prey, a puppet
Writing your treasured texts.

Keep on writing,
You have come here
With a purpose,
The words you write
Would unite
The wounded worlds.

Keep writing.
About the inevitable garlands
That encourage or demoralise,
You may let go or wear them at ease,
But make writing your fetish,
Your unconditional habit;
You may pause a while if you please,
But never ever would you quit,
Until you bring down the golden garden,
From the paper paradise
Onto this living, loving earth
Where, years ago, like other writers,
You also took your birth.

© supratik 2023
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Love these words Supratik, as someone who is a somewhat ‘ non confidant’ writer always doubting my writing worth, these words are very inspiring to me. Sue. X

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