Cuando Calienta el Sol

An unforgettable tune.

1966, Newly wed. Honeymoon.
Destination: Acapulco.
We stop for one night
in a silver mining town, Taxco;
we sample the local cuisine,
rich with chilly peppers
and plenty of Tabasco.
There’s a magnificent view
from the roof garden
of an old Mexican villa
and everything is still, until
the mariachis wake us at midnight
playing a romantic serenade
for the señorita in the room above.
The place is imbued with love.
We imbibe the sweet fragrance
of the hibiscus and bougainvillea
which in the garden abound.
And now there is silence
broken only by the occasional sound
of a solitary bird or a cicada.
The Greyhound Express takes us
to Acapulco, all the way.
We are now with friends with whom
we will share a pleasant stay.
Isabel prepares a Tequila Sunrise,
Manolo plays a Spanish guitar
and to his artistry we are in thrall.
The song ‘Cuando calienta el sol
proves to be a fitting choice
as the sun is truly scorching
but we shelter under shady trees.
Isabel sings with a delicate voice
the words of that remarkable tune
that reminds me of my honeymoon.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2020
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Pleasant memories of this beautiful land. I loved the town of Oaxaca, but when I came home I kept thinking: Donde esta el Sol?


Luigi, please note title: Cuando calienta el sol. I don’t think I’ll ever get to Mexico.
Regards, Gerald.


Lovely nostalgic poem, Luigi, and what an exciting place for a honeymoon! So well written it leaves me with vicarious feelings of warmth and nostalgia too! I must admit though, Hispanic music genres I find a little irritating, and if accompanying my eating, would incline me, like John Cleese, to shout “shut up!” if hanging about for too long, near to my table! Hahaha! Joking apart, I’ve always liked you very descriptive, even informative, poetry, and it’s especially good reading when it reflects real experiences. Your life’s journey has been interesting and varied, with much, which, today, could probably not… Read more »

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