A Night’s Light.

When night shuts me in

and shadows are deep

I look to the lights

that blink in the street,

the un-curtained window

a light in the porch,

the wavering beam

from a lone walker’s torch

or the far away hills with

a dusting of stars.

© sweetwater 2020
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A fine atmospheric poem that speaks of loneliness and which too, like Gamathi suggests, leaves the reader waiting for some form of resolution or at least an attempt at one, an expression of hope, feels a bit resigned to past joys not mattering, not offering comfort, anymore. This fine poem with that beautiful ending now is, to me, crying out for a second verse with one or some of those old special memories coming to your rescue again? I’m probably that lone walker with a torch cursing a soggy paper map that won’t fold right, wondering why the lady is… Read more »

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