A long wait.

I knew of course
they’d be waiting for me
in a bistro in Montmartre
talking of existentialism
and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Drinking, I bet,
pastis with anisette.
I asked myself, “Should I go?”

But the night was young
and I was in bed with Juliet,
a dancer from the Moulin Rouge.

She had told me to stay
and I guessed that we would
go all the way.
So I gladly obeyed
and do not regret that I stayed.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2020
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Ha! This is a saucy read. Much enjoyed, Luigi.
Best, Gerald.


See my response in the morning!


It’s there, Luigi.


Fabulous! You, you silver fox you! 😉
A different style from what I am used to from you but one you have done wonderfully well.
Congrats on the nib.
Alison x


Ha ha, drinking in the Montmartre? Not only did you have more fun, you saved a fortune too
Much to like here, Luigi


‘Go all the way’, Luigi, you old rascal! Did you ever get to the bistro with those Moulin Rouge dancers on offer! Short, sharp and saucy, a fine write and a fun read. We need more of these gems to brighten us up.

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