Rhyme & Reason

First steps

I want to write poetry
but I don’t know how.
I scratch my head
and I knit my brow.
When I read the rules
I see that the metre
is measured in feet
and I get confused.
Why not in yards
or maybe in knots?
The basic measures
I have always used.
And I have to confess
that I’m bamboozled
when told that stress
is what counts most.
Notice the difference
between da-da-DUM
and DUM-da-da
or you are dumb.
One has to decide
when to use the dactyl,
when the anapest
and hope for the best.
If iamb and trochee
come into the equation
I’ll quit writing rhyme
in desperation.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Haha, I’m with you on this one Luigi. They say rules are to be broken (which I don’t agree with) but in the case of poetry rules..break them? I don’t understand them or even know most of them. Much enjoyed. Sue.


The rule breakers in poetry are the creators.



LOL Well, I’d say you have a damn good understanding and certainly a talent for poetry. I suck at all of those technical words you used and shudder to think about me even attempting using them. So, I shall just have to appreciate people like you who do.

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