A Night’s Light.

When night shuts me in

and shadows are deep

I look to the lights

that blink in the street,

the un-curtained window

a light in the porch,

the wavering beam

from a lone walker’s torch

or the far away hills with

a dusting of stars.

© sweetwater 2020
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8 months ago

Night scene recreated with apt imagery. Could feel it and see it. Nice one Sweetwater.
Was left with a small yearning though! Just as I was beginning to enjoy reading it, it seemed to stop abruptly. Wish it said something more.
Best wishes, Gomathi.

8 months ago
Reply to  sweetwater

Now isn’t this just beautiful. You nailed it with the last two lines! A nice over all perspective to the night view from your place. Just love it. Thankyou for giving a thought to my request Sue
Best Wishes, Gomathi.

8 months ago

I just love this poem sweetwater, with its quiet moment to just sit and meditate on what you are seeing, and especially those last two lines… what I wouldn’t give to have a view of distant hills and a dusting of stars.

Simply beautiful.


8 months ago

This is one of your best Sue. The last two lines are superbly written.
Keep writing.

8 months ago

Beautiful Sue. Really atmospheric and I could see it all so clearly. It painted a picture so clearly in my mind.
One tiny thing to make it perfect. 🙂
walker(‘)s torch
Alison x

8 months ago

OH, fantastic stuff here! Great flow and it conjures up perfect images such as you might find in a small village or quiet city block. I really enjoyed this.


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