A Prose By Any Other Name

With apologies to Will.

I know that it is fashionable
to rant and rave, complaining
of everything under the sun,
but hearing four-letter words
does not please everyone.
Where is the genteel prose
‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’
used in his mail to The Times
to express his political views
or denounce the rising crimes?
I’m told that it is more honest
to utter words considered rude
than to resort to euphemisms
which in these days and age
have become an anachronism.
Some will think that I’m a bore
or else an out of date dinosaur
but I’d like to express my rant
with more civilised epithets
without being accused of cant.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Well, my dear, this is a nice little poem and you have a point as well. I’m very guilty of swearing and ranting. I don’t expect that’ll change, but I do appreciate your words very much and think that often more is gained with honey than hand grenades.



Not at all, Luigi. You are my favorite Besanosaurus (a fossilized Dinosaur found in the Italian town of Besano). True that people draw attention to themselves by using language meant to shock and awe. Perhaps that’s the extent of their language skills! A nice bit of judicious irony more effective imo. Nice piece, Luigi.

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