This was Berlin before the War

At some point

after The Enabling Act,

but before Aktion T4

in October Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Nine,

we were happy.

This period,

was so short lived,

it could be

measured by the click 

of a camera


On Alexanderplatz,

arms around each other’s shoulders,

we were shot


some Stormtrooper saluted.

We retrieved 

the tripod

and never knew 

it would be our last photograph 



© swissterrace 2020
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An interesting insight into a historical period which was the precursor to the horrific events of World War 2 and the grim reminder of the effect that those turbulent times had on long standing friendships.
Well penned.


Yes, a well-penned poem of recording historical naivety during the calm before the storm. Works well for me as written, expressing this with hindsight, with the full knowledge of what was to come. Are people complicit in a process, that could change the situation so rapidly, voting in the powers to be, knowing what they stood for? At individual level like this it feels so innocent and poignant, and probably was for many. Your fine poem captures such an eventful moment.

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