A Night Out


We are in a bistro
near the bus station;
there’s no parking places
which creates frustration.
A space becomes vacant
and an argument ensues
as to who has priority:
my resourceful niece
is the outright winner.

There are twelve of us.
Six couples capable
of personal autonomy.
Not jurors in a trial
but a jury of sort;
to pass judgement
on gastronomy
and pass the port
after dinner.

The excellent food
and copious libation
cause merriment
and lot of elation.
The smokers among us
find it handy
to go out for a fag
while the others
drink brandy.

But not all the guests
are wine drinkers;
some prefer soft drinks,
others just water
– not sparkling, natural –
and one even thinks
it would be a good idea
to order a few beers
or even shandy.

The jury is now out
and their verdict deliver:
the banquet was sumptuous
bu we need Epsom salts
to protect the liver.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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Haha, sounds like great fun, I especially love the Epsom salts ending 🙂 sue.

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