A Precarious Clowder

Dangerous felines.

Lily thought she was queen of the cattery
because she believed in oleaginous flattery.
She was very excitable and rather jittery
as she was fearful of assault and battery.
There were many toms ready to pounce
on any female who was seen to flounce
but she was resolute and did announce
that any hanky-panky she would denounce.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I think I know this cat. Your poem reminds me of her. Ingenious rhyming, Luigi.
Best, Gerald.


I love a rhyme that makes me smile and this one did exactly that, and strangely my daughter has just bought a new kitten, a male though so he will be the one after some assault and battery 😉 Well for a short time anyway. Fun poem much enjoyed. sue. X


Very engaging rhyming. Flawless. Much enjoyed the humour. In fact this is one thing I keep visiting your page.

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