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I am a fool. That’s why growth and development doesn’t attract me.

When rich become richer, poor poorer for years on end, I don’t see any growth. Trust me, I see a design, a pattern, but no growth. Which car you drive, which version of software you use, how digital you’ve become, what chandrayan 1 and 2 can or cannot do doesn’t mean anything to me. What political parties do, not do, how patriotic you are or you aren’t doesn’t mean anything to me.

Tell me when you, with your science and technology, growth and development, can remove pollution from the face of the earth. Tell me when you can convert sea water into drinking water, tell me when you can grow plants in the vast acres of land just lying unused, unexplored, when you can purify the waters of all rivers, when you can put plastic out of use, when you can function without wars, when not an inch of land is scrapped as infertile, when no human being on earth has to starve for one square meal.

You see we have an engaging work ahead of us, work that needs understanding, work that needs foolproof scientific framework of the highest order. Tell me when you’re ready to work.

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