For how long

I talk of love, purity
I am a sissy
I talk of caprice, vice
hatred, bombs, weapons;
am smart, taken seriously.

I worship Messiahs and Saints,
chanting their words, I am all in tears,
while on the field, they’re redundant, in vain
for there, I follow the stillborn Hitler.

I take occasional vacations
go in the lap of nature.
While every part of it is a giver
I am a snatcher, taker
or, to say the least, a beggar.

Mountains and rivers
deserts, seas and oceans
have treasures to offer.
By design, we distribute their fruition
to make the rich richer, the poor poorer,
if I turn around and say it’s vulgar
I become the bad Peter.

Whatever I do, I compare, judge and compete
who is more peaceful, more harmful
between me and you,
how I can war, win and defeat!
Nature’s acceptance is total and complete,
it doesn’t recognise any warfare,
it shares, takes care and repeats.

Mistakes such as these
abound in scores and dozens, 
repeated in time and space
paradise, by choice, has become a prison.
For how long, one doesn’t
know, will this failing game continue,
for how long, without logic, atonement and reason
will we have to beat the blues? 

© supratik 2023
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