A view from Mainland

A shortie following the tanka template:

A view from Mainland
We had to return
a final time to catch the
calls of black head gulls
and watch for otters bobbing
in the rain-splash of the loch.
Circling the shallows;
a nuisance of grey-lag geese.
We turned our gaze to
the Ring of Brodgar, Stenness,
and the hills of Hoy beyond.
Harray was calmness…
As clouds scudded from the west
and the wind grew strong
we folded umbrellas.  It’s
drear with rain and Hoy is gone.

© coolhermit 2023
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Cleverly done. I like the tanka format myself. I need to do more.

Interesting subject you chose. I spent a week on Orkney working around 2000, but I manage to steal some time to see The Rings ofBrodgar and nearly get blown into the sea at Skara Brae. (still got the T-shirt but it’s knackered now).
It was before they found the Ness of Brodgar I drove right past where it lay buried.

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