Just a bit of insensitive, man-o-centric doggerel.  Feel free to throw tomatoes!


Before Adam’s rib became

      His wedded wife

You might know he led a far

      Racier life.

With a certain sprightly nymph

      He had some fun

Setting a pattern for the

      Ages to come.

Her name was Lilith, a most

      Sportive lady,

And she added to Adam’s 

      Pleasure greatly!

But God looked down and saw

      Those goings-on

And when Adam woke again

      One rib was gone.

From one stolen bone He made

      The woman Eve:

Adam from his mistress had

      To take his leave.

But that, by no means was the

      Finish of that!

One day as Eve under an

      Apple tree sat

A voice hissed from the branches 

      Above her head,

“Adam still keeps Lilith

      A string, “ it said.

Be assured that poor Adam

      Caught it that night!

You could hear Eve cry midst the

      Din of the fight:

“If that’s all the gratitude

      From you I’ll get

I’m finished with acting

      As your docile pet!

Though I’m flesh of your flesh and

      Bone of your bone,

You still can’t leave that hussy

       Lilith alone!”

Oh Lord, who would believe so

      Much strife and moan

Could be raised by a single

      Stolen rib bone?

© ImSJ 2023
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