Avoid using anger to claim
Your world, no matter what.
Choose your words,
Use them diligently,
Like a driver on a freeway.
Anger is a car without brakes,
Is a grass that
Doesn’t serve any purpose.


Inspired by the Brahmakumaris, a spiritual organization that teaches Rajyoga. 

© supratik 2023
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Could you please not post seven poems at once?

As I said earlier, the rule is 2 per publishing day.

That would be appreciated.


car without brakes perhaps? I don’t know but in Greek we say “without brakes” τα φρένα.

I am trying to understand the last two lines, why do you say grass, and do you perhaps mean lawn?

I think they call it weed. I am so against drugs that I don’t even know for sure how they call this totally purposeless shit.

black cumin for those who are trying to stop their drug abuse.

that’s good too, I have wondered if meditation can kill brain parasites or it never gets that effective in all it can do without getting rid of them first then meditate.

black cumin is against human parasites, it’s a great supplement. of course once you start killing them, they will try to kill you too. the Arabs say it cures everything but Death.
doing it for four years now. I suspect my now suffering from sciatica has a lot to do with getting rid of parasites.

we all have. all.

thanks for reading! this is a good poem, one I’m proud of.


Such an apt description. I particularly like “Anger is a car without brakes,”. People seem unable to know when to stop when they’re angry and it only builds until there is a completely lack of control.
I would also like to say that you conduct yourself with a great deal of dignity, something I admire.

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