Health is wealth

Peace of mind

Health is wealth

Anger is the deadliest grass you can ever have. It hits and hurts you first. You get diseases like indigestion, insomnia, migraines, skin diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression, and many more unwanted maladies.
Ways to avoid anger.
1. Don’t use harsh words
2. Don’t abuse anyone, not even in your thoughts, remember thoughts kill, thoughts heal.
3. Don’t judge, love. Believe in this… “Love me the most when I deserve it the least.” This will help you have a sound mind in a healthy body. Remember your mind creates your body, not the other way around.
How to avoid anger.
1. Breathing exercise
2. Walking, jogging, running
3. Daily dosage of positive self-talk. If you have any specific challenge, share… I will help you have a customized self-talk.
4. Meditation. Take help from YouTube: sadguru, brahmakumaris, Deepak Chopra, Art of living,and so on.
5. Doing something you really enjoy, e.g. planting, singing, writing, reading, playing… doing which you feel good.
6. Surround yourself with people who empower you. Avoid those who don’t, but never ever curse them.
Here’s wishing you all the very best! 👍

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I really loved reading your philosophy on life. Being kind and positive towards others, even if you might not always agree with their way of thinking is so calming and a cool way to lead ones life.

Peace, love and happiness.



one of my polls on another site:

Which is the best condition from these two?
Rich, famous, with many friends, but without peace of mind.
Poor, anonymous, friendless, but with peace of mind.

thankfully people preferred the second.

must be a place of wise people over there.

however I don’t want anyone’s love or hatred. I have a relatively good peace of mind as I have not caused harm to my knowledge or if something I did or said harmed someone, then as Greeks say “vinegar!” for someone’s need to stop being nervous around you. nice supplement, vinegar. tee hee.

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