Thousand candles
Different demeanor
From the same flame.

Thousand beings
Different tongues
Of similar feelings.

Thousand flowers
Different fragrance
Celebrating birth…
From the same earth.

All conflicts end
When we close our eyes, 
Look at the Source
With our burning soul, 
Wisdom surfaces, 
Difference dies.

© supratik 2023
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Love this. Truth wrapped in lovely words. sue.


I read here sometimes and don’t post or comment but I had to on this one. I read and loved it. It reminded me of a quote “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” but your poem says it far better. Just perfect.


Sometimes good vibes come out of bad vibes. This is a good example. A very human message, thanks.


I’ve seen them. It’s boring. . . .

Why not try having ago at the new, Midsummer Fiction Challenge. . .

There are plenty of ancient monuments in India. I know that because I spent a lot of time there a few years ago.

this is not a competition, we write and share our work based on the same idea.
there are no awards.

Haven’t you already joined the Poetry Challenge? it’s the same

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

Nobody on here thinks of you as a “nigger”. Please stop accusing people of racism without any evidence whatsoever. It is paranoid.

Not everything in the world is about you and your brown skin.

If that is seriously what you think of the people on this site, then please go somewhere else.


Perhaps I should have said, it’s ‘booring’

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

Well, only a minority of human communication is formed by actual words. Most of it is body language, facial expression, tone of voice.

You cannot read meanings into what people type onto a computer screen. These are people you cannot see and do not know.

To simply assume racism because you are brown and they are white is insane.

 <span title="Experienced Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: orange;">**</span><p>

I think you have a bit of a persecution complex.

Nobody here cares about the colour of your skin. They just care about the words you say and the ideas you have.


No, I don’t care about anyone’s words. I may be interested in joining any dialogue to defend one’s right to share his/her ideas with or without proper grammatical skills only if he or she is purple with pink stripes.

well at least you and I don’t say “should of done this” like many native speakers of English do.
doing the rounds? well because it probably sells.

people are willing to forgive dyslexia even grammar nazis are soooo understanding. well I might be dyslectic by now, I could perhaps sue the British Council in Athens, or my teacher of English, maybe I can claim they deliberately caused severe damage to my brain by demanding to read The Lord of the Flies and Persuasion. now I cannot use properly not even my language after spending two summers reading only in English. and not only that! maybe I could sue my ex colleague, he made me write directly in English. why do they teach languages. we should all stop.… Read more »

personally, I’m an exhibitionist of my perversions, which are two:

satire and this particular foreign language, which I love as much as satire.

I exhibit with great pleasure, which is which.

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