Burned Rubber Streets – Two Images

I let the pictures speak.





Big City Night Life – Sweden 2019



Night time

And new expensive looking cars;

The sound of music in Arabic

Pounding through the car windows;

Lamp lights stare in vain …

A car stops!

A girl is taken in by the music!!

She enters!!!



The car heads of towards a crossing formed as a Y.

Instead of turning right

The car continues its ride to the left,

Which is straight ahead

Towards a suburb.


A girl screams

The same girl who entered earlier

Taken in by the music

Played loud!!!!


The music is still loud

But she screams louder

Realising that the car didn’t turn

And she is filled with terror

Anticipating what will happen

In suburbia …


My fault entirely!!!

I saw her enter!!!

I didn’t act!!!

I could have been her shield!!!


R.I.P.   Unknown







Nice, France – 2019



Walking by the pavement

Heading to a modest hotel

I encountered

A young French girl

Lying on the ground

With her purse beside her;

Shirt torn,

Trousers too.



I stop;

She raises her head,

Looks at me,

I only look at her

Not saying a word;

My face expresses nothing

I’m aware of …


The girls quickly grabs her purse

And rises from the cold March pavement.


She walks away

Real quick …


I turn around

Looking the other way,

Not wanting to display

My tears …

At times silence speak more than words.



I resume

My way to the hotel.

© Omecronon12 2023
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So sad in so many ways

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