Donegal Eden

another revision

an island Eden

cut off whenever high tide

covered the causeway.

Caz saw it, loved it, ‘we’ll camp

here, where no one can see us.’


as the tide went out

she drove across the wet strand

and parked in the dunes.

the van got stuck axle-deep

we tried, but couldn’t budge it.


Caz laughed. we cracked a

a bottle of Captain Morgan.

watching the sun set

over Árainn Mhór. blowing wild

kisses at the Milky Way.


there was a beachside

spring-filled, sun-heated, rock pool.

we lived like sand boys,

getting tanned all over  – one

helluva bacchanale.


at holiday’s end

a local towed the van free.

he refused a ‘drink’.

all smiles, he tapped his pocket, 

‘topless shots’ll cover it.’


the silent drive home

leaving Donegal behind

was hard on us both

Caz left me at Biggleswade

I never saw her again.


I heard she’s wed now

with a son looks just like me.

I wrote – no reply.

I hope she remembers us

on our beach in paradise.

© coolhermit 2023
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