The other world

A group of people could be seen on the lonely shore. With the crashing waves sadness seemed to overwhelm the land, as dark clouds accumulated and created a threatening blackness all around. Weeks had passed since the sun had last come out and its absence had affected everything. A void rose in the hearts of all who were searching; plunging themselves into the murky waters, trying to recover the sun.
 Since dying they had underestimated the depths of despair. As the ocean currents pulled them deeper and deeper, the fear of this world filled their lungs, drowning them in a flood of emotions. Was there any hope?
 As darkness rose, so fell the three copper moons. A pale hand reached out from the depths raising the people high into the sky. Above the dark clouds, they sat once again basking in the dim light of vast green forests. In the distance, they saw ghostly white figures and could feel the radiance of another life force seep into them.
 Soon they came nearer, their features indistinguishable. Closer and closer their brilliance intensified. Never in life had they experienced such intensity! Trying to touch them was impossible. They must live in another dimension.
 Soon after they started floating again beneath the clouds, accelerating faster than ever. As they approached the ocean, they lost consciousness. High tides carried them far out to sea, the hands of some power playing havoc with their minds. They were now sinking further, down to the stars and the three copper moons, where a new birth awaited them.


© Yutka 2023
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