Black Rose


She slept in uniquely undisturbed gloom,
huddling in the darkest part of the old
garden. An ebony rose roused 
from slumber until the shadows courted
night and birthed blue black petals.
Such deep blue highlighted foliage
yearned to reach the tender glow
of a fingernail moon as harvest
sent night creatures to trim her rich
verdant foliage.
Morning came with thickening clouds
causing sunlight to sleep. Calm beset
the pitch petaled rose and her old gardener
refused to pluck the gem from such
a night silhouetted treasury. 
Now, a sleek-black petaled rose
dreams of shadows and darkness as
a preferential habitat. She dreams
inside shades of midnight scapes
that have become the provenance 
of a flourishing beauty made
of ebony.

© allets 2023
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