On visiting the dead


Occasionally, they actually enjoy our visits.
We are always welcome
to for some occasion share their bleak existence
showing empathy for their outrageous state
in hopeless limbo without light,
and it gives us some distance and relief
from this our even more infected world –
theirs is at least most clinically clean,
all damaging corruption having died,
while they at least have all eternity secured for them.
So take a ride once in a while,
enjoy your trip to neverneverland
and see how old folks still are going strong
in after-life with a good riddance to us all
who did our best to make a mess
not just of their lives but of our own as well.


© aurelio 2023
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Beautifully said. And you are so right. I often talk to the dear dead as they are exceptionally peaceful and such good listeners….
Love your poem!

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