The forlorn lover in her absence


Without you my life would be but hollowness
of infinite despair, frustration, desolation and defeat,
while no one else can substitute your absence
felt as strongly as the lack of water in the desert,
since the only one who can be you is you.
Marooned and shipwrecked on a desert island
without water, trees or any trace of life.
I miss you more than any fish bereft of water
or of any bird confined in cage with wings cut off
could miss their freedom and ability to live.
But all the same, you are still there
and waiting like myself for the next moment
of our reunification ecstasy and splendour,
which we both are sure that will come back
to join us once again in bliss and glory
to at one time finally at last
remain and not get lost
with our hearts united and rejoined
once and forever.


© aurelio 2023
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