Bite Me Politic

“He kicked my dog!” ranted the Senator
at the Lincoln Memorial. “She stole my
cat!” exclaimed the Representative
from Nebraska.
And, most appropriately, Mr. Reid
gave an eloquent speech. And
Mr. Obama gave one too. But we
are in the dark because the lights
went out and we can no longer
see old glory waving on the flagpole
outside the oval office.
News flash. The Post Office will
not be affected by the inability
of adults to pay their electric bills.
I want a tax refund. News flash.
Food stamps will be quartered
like cattle and halved like melons.
Don’t the powers that be know
that if people can eat
they will not hit the streets
and loot and carry on.
Washington is in recess.
Is this a Halloween prank, some
trick or was I asleep when
the revolution came?

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